Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Shy

I am. People don't believe it because I'm loud and obnoxious and I go on stage with a fair amount of confidence but I am actually, ridiculously shy. It just manifests itself in strange way or maybe not so strange; I think it's textbook extroverted introvert kind of behavior.

But it gets the best of me sometimes. Like, when I attended my wife's work Christmas party. Mind you my wife works at a place that is like my second home since I was 16, a beautiful local movie theater. A coworker of my wife's approached me and she told me how much she enjoyed my comedy and that she thought I "fucking rocked." It caught me off guard and I had no idea how to respond to the flattery. Before my brain could get in on the act my mouth blurted out in a childlike falsetto. "I have a penis." I then focused all of my attention on my hot apple cider as I wondered what the fall out of this one would be. "Uh...okay." came the response followed by swift departure of the young fan of mine, my wife's coworker.


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