Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why Lie I Need A Drink Premier

Why Lie, I Need A Drink World Premier
The Crest, March 7th, 8:30 (doors open @ 7:30)
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We've all heard the urban legend of the panhandler hopping in his nice car and making his way to a comfortable home after a day of begging on the freeway off-ramp. Sacramento comedian Keith Lowell Jensen decided to find out just how hard it really is to make money holding up a cardboard sign. With his sights set on the easy life Jensen spent countless hours employing every gimmick imaginable in an attempt to make his fortune. Can you really make a good living begging? Is anyone doing it? Find out at the world premier of this enlightening, poignant and hilarious new documentary from local film producers Apprehensive Studios.

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