Thursday, November 8, 2007

Spike TV

As you may know I've been working on a documentary about panhandling.
Spike TV's Manswers had me down for a taping last December to talk about my panhandling experiences. Well my episode aired last night.
It repeats tonight (Thursday Nov. 8) at midnight.
I may be hard to recognize as I have a big gross beard. Check it out. Oh, and you can find more about the documentary at

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Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, it's been a long long time. Kristy and I saw you on Manswers and had to look you up. It seems that you are quite the talent in many diferent forums. That doesn't suprise me and it wouldn't suprise anyone that knew you back then. If I remember correctly, you were voted most likely to become the next Steven Speilberg. I beleived it, that's why I got you that directors chair for Christmas. Have you figured out who this is yet? Good to see you, even if it was just on TV. If you ever do a show in your home town, let me know and We'll come see you. Since it seems tootles is still your choice for good bye, Tootles...

Shawn and Kristy Rodgers AKA Shawn Horne and Kristy Faulk.