Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thanks Craig

Craig to stay on, click here.

Is he one of ours? Gone undercover to help further dismantle the GOP? Awesome.

Keep up the good work secret agent Craig, we love you, (not meet you in the men's room love you, and definitely not vote for you love you but take what you can get you lonely, lonely man.)

All that said, I don't agree with arresting people for the possibillity of having some gay sex. I mean, couldn't you signal someone and then suggest a hotel room? Was something in the signs a blatanst statemnet of his intention to do the deed right then and there? I don't like this homophobic jerk, and I want him to be shown for the creep he is, but I can't be happy about homophobic sting operations even when they hit one of the bad guys.

Okay, now back to laughing at Craig, HA HA HA

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