Thursday, August 16, 2007

Racism Pays Big

Imus gets millions from CBS Radio in settlement. His argument was that he was hired to say horrible stupid things and firing for doing so is breach of contract.

Well, he has a strong argument and by settling out of court CBS is saying "Yeah, we kind of did hire him knowing he was a racist gas bag."

So maybe the venom thrown at Imus should be thrown at CBS instead. After all there's no shortage of racist asses out there but we don't spend much energy on most of them. What made this racist ass different is that CBS put him on the air, let him be a sports commentator and continued to let him hold this position after many equal if not more offensive utterings.

Of course they let him continue; His past uttering grabbed that lucrative "racist ass market" while going unnoticed by the also lucrative "we don't like racist asses market." It was the best of both worlds and CBS made plenty of money off of their angry white dude listeners.

"But isn't it free speech?" you ask. Of course it is. I'd fight to the death for Imus' right to say stupid things. And I'd refuse to give a cent to any company who hired him or profitted off of him. On the other hand, I can give some credence to the argument that his comments qualify as slander. He did call some young female athletes "hos" after all. You probably should have a right to play sports withough being accused of being sexualy permiscuous by some dumb ass with no talent on nationaly broadcast radio. No, my calling him a dumb ass with no talent is not slander. I have strong evidence to support my claim that Imus is a dumb ass with no talent.

So the no talent dumb ass who never deserved to make a dime to begin with is now richer than I can ever hope to be. Slandering talented young female athletes with racist slurs is quite profitable. Oh well, I'd rather be poor.


John Morris Ross IV said...

Hey Keith,
Now I'm not sure what other comments that Imus made besides the "nappy headed hos," one, but other networks make comments much harsher than his.

As far as examples...I have none....but I do recall being half offended at how white males are are portrayed in media.

Black on white racism is always considered as jest, but as soon as a white male , makes a comment that seems edgy...he's called a racist. Then again blacks didn't enslave whites for years....

Either way....I still hate you.

Love John Ross

KLJ said...

He wasn't performing as a comic, he was doing commentary on a sporting event.
Richard Mull and George Carlin get away with race humor and their white. They get away with it because they're comics and you know where they're coming from. Hell, for that matter I've gotten away with it and I'm pretty sure you would as well.

If Chris Rock while hosting the grammies called Jessica Lang one sexy cracker whore, I'm pretty sure we'd hear about it. Yup.

And John, I love you. I love you like you love Jesus.

John Morris Ross IV said...

Even still,
Even as a white comic doing race jokes, you're always held more accountable than any other race.

Black comics have free reign to do white stereo-types, without any hint of discomfort.

Then again....whites weren't enslaved by blacks for years.

Either way...I still hate you. I hate you like vegans hate Carl's JR.

john ross

KLJ said...

I hope you're happy now. You've made me cry. I'm crying for the white comedians who are held more accountable.

And yet still, I love you. I love you like Joanie Loves Chachi.

John Morris Ross IV said...

There, there Keith,
Don't cry. You must come to terms with the reality that racism is okay, unless you're white....don't let it get you down's just something you have accept. Like the law of gravity...and the existence of God.

I love you to Keith,
I love you like Michael Vick loves dogs.

Erotic love,
John Ross