Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sarah Silverman Sucks (or doesn't)

Sarah Silverman goes for the edgy points here, but she loses me completely. There is Paris Hilton, in the audience, and what does Silverman attack her for? Being clueless and spoiled? Thinking she's above the law? Contributing to the materialism and general dumbing down of our culture? No, she makes fun of her for getting caught giving blow jobs.

What the hell?! Isn't giving blow jobs the one thing that Paris has done that we should all support. You don't give blow jobs Sarah? We should make fun of you then, while celebrating the blow job givers of the world. When is national Blow Jobbers Day, cuz I'm buying some flowers for sure, including a big bouquet for Paris.

And all the rich, powerful men in the audience have a chuckle while our girl who commits the sin of enjoying some sex sits and tries to smile through her public humiliation. They love you Sarah, you're their darling. You can all laugh at the slut together. That's not cutting edge. That's the same old tired shit. Why not top it off with a fat girl joke?


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