Monday, May 28, 2007

A Christian, A Muslim, A Hindu an Atheist and a Jew

A Christian, A Muslim, A Hindu an Atheist and a Jew walk into a bar...
You can come up with your own punchline, but I'll be living this joke as I fill the role of Atheist on the Coexist Comedy tour. Five comics with five different sets of beliefs on God, The Universe and Everything doing a show together.

To start we'll each be doing stand up dealing with religion and of course many other things. As we work together though I'm excited at the prospect of doing some skits together as well as other collaborative type stuff.

I'm also excited about getting as much of the off stage stuff on tape as possible. Dealing with not only our own differences but the different reactions of the public and the effect on us. I'm sure there'll be nights where one or more of us will not be able to get a joke over because of an audience that doesn't get the point and is just there to root for their "team." How we deal with that is going to be fascinating. Obviously I hope for an audience who gets it and is there to get along with each other, but we all know, bringing together people with different beliefs about God and putting the subject out there can be volatile.

Anyway, Since I'm Big Chief Blogs-a-bunch as well as the guy who first said, "Hey, you guys all believe different crazy shit, and we all get along. Man, we should do a show together" I've been giving the task of documenting the whole experiment at
Check it out, leave comments, and praise Allah, Jesus, Vishnu, God, Bob Hope or what have you.


TheLabRat said...

Seriously, any way I can help with any shows, let me know. My real email is attached to this the useless bit of blogosphere behind this profile.

Keith at Zimmerman said...
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