Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Holy Shit, I'm opening for Joan Rivers

So, this year was already rockin' in a really big way. I started the new year with a NYE show in LA at The Steve Allen Theatre then flew to New York where Hailey Boyle and I lit up the scene. I come home to a surprise booking featuring for Robin Williams, my buddy Nick Aragon opening.

I knew it would continue rocking for at least a little while as I was booked for two shows with Doug Stanhope, possibly my favorite comedian currently performing
Then I get the email, I'm opening for Joan Rivers and it's at The Crest, my favorite venue that I used to dream of performing at when I was a teen and didn't even know yet what manner of performer
I wanted to be, rock star, sensitive political fiction author, comedian, whatever I just wanted to wander across that stage in front of a sold out audience which is exactly the case on March 13th.
Oh, and this Saturday, March 5th is my birthday. Life is good.

What wonderful thing will happen next? I'm hoping I'll stop shitting blood, but whatever, having my album released by a good label would be good too.

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Oh we're sorry. #losing