Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cats Made of Rabbits Prototypes

Jonathan Morken and I at The Apprehensive Films offices holding two mock ups of the new album. These were made for the bigger label that is considering releasing the album. If they take a pass and we put it out independently, it'll be the bunny painting for the cover.
Jason Adair did all three covers. These two feature photos by Kiny McCarrick (banana baby) and the other pic, which Jason tricked me into using by calling it the Woody Guthry cover, is by Amy Scott.
We should know who is releasing it by next week and hopefully have a date soon after.


Richard said...

Why do you still live in Sacramento? Do you think you're gonna blow up all while living in Sacramento? As long as you don't move to Los Angeles you're holding back.

KLJ said...

You may be right, I mean, conventional wisdom says you are.
But I know many people who move to LA just to pay higher rent while spending all their time on the road. Admittedly I do have a couple of friends who've gone to LA and have done quite well.
My business model/philosophy/whatever is based around the example of Ian MacKaye and I think it's more do-able then ever as I have the internet to help me reach beyond the borders of my town, an advantage he did not have in the early days of Dischord Records.
I may be fooling myself but I think there is a novelty to my approach which may help me stand out from THRONGS of comics trying to get noticed in LA. Fact is, I can get up at LA clubs easier than many of my friends who live there.