Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don Geronimo Saga Continues

For those telling me to thicken my skin, thanks for the concern. I'm fine. I'm actually enjoying this. Fighting back is not the same as crying and licking your wounds. I'm not hurt or upset. I grew up with four brothers. I don't mind a good sparing match.

Don should be embarrassed at letting an obscure comedian get so much of his time and attention. The more he talks about how little I am, what a nobody I am, the more pathetic it is that he's going after me. And as little as I may be, I'm three times as big as I was two years ago. Don can't deny his career has gone the other direction. He shouldn't throw stones.

As for me, what do I have to lose? Most of his more rabid fans would never have liked my material anyway and I'm getting all kinds of exposure to people who wouldn't have heard of me who do like it. You'd be amazed how many emails and letter I've gotten praising the youtube clip with the knock-knock joke. Several people have told me that they're Don fans and they want me to stop fighting with him because they like my comedy now that they've checked it out. I'm doing an interview with a college station in Maine this week (way more my audience) and I've been interviewed by two different print publications so far. Thanks Don, couldn't have done it without you.

As for Joan Rivers, yes, I'm HUGELY disappointed but the gig was cancelled Monday morning long before Don's idiocy toward me kicked into high gear. Turns out she's bringing her own opening act. The promoter has another show for me which I'm very excited about. More details as it gets confirmed.

To the more rabid of Don's fans, stop for a minute and think for yourselves. What did I really do here?

  1. I did a comedy show where I tried my best. Don didn't like it but I certainly gave it my all. Hell for the sake of this argument lets go ahead and say I sucked. So that's crime one, not being a good comic but trying hard anyway as I chase my dreams.
  2. I defended myself when Don decided to insult me AND the other comics who I know as a fact did great, on air.

That's it. I did a crappy comedy act (Not according to the crowd who bought out my CDs but in Don's opinion) and I defended myself from someone who makes a living attacking people.

Come on now. I'm just a guy trying to be the best father, husband and comic he can, in that order. I'm not a bad person. What would you have done in my shoes? Maybe not the same thing, but do I deserve this level of hate? I didn't do anything violent or racist. I wasn't cruel to the downtrodden. I just defended myself when a talk radio guy attacked me. Period.

Thicken your skin Don. You're letting a nobody get you all worked up.


Robert Cockerham said...

Is there any tactful way for you to explain the jokes to Don without hurting his ego?

Anonymous said...

Radio fights are fun! And they are great exposure for all involved.

To clarify, Don's career isn't on 'the way down', he had to get out of the business in 2008 after the violent death of his second wife. Now he's starting over in a town where he is LOVED, and he's on his way back up. And you're getting great exposure from it. Rejoice, there is no down side to this. You're not losing fans, and you have the potential to gain a lot.

Anonymous said...

I found just recently that bullies are jealous of the work that they can't do. God bless you Keith

Keep up the great work


Anonymous said...

The following was posted on The Don Geronimo Show FB page regarding getting booted off Joan's show:

(Robert Berry): but she doesn't book her opening acts and he IS opening for her, so what does that tell you?

Hmmm, it tells me someone is lying. So which is it, Keith? Does Joan book her own openers or doesn't she?

You may want to pow-wow with your eight fans before putting out your side of the story.

James said...

It tells you that someone was misinformed. Joan travels with her own booking agent and talent to open for her. That is it, nothing less nothing more. No one was lying just misinformed.

As far as a tactful way to explain something to Don?? How do you explain something to a simpleton that interupts you hangs up on you and then shouts "kid toucher kid toucher". The guy is weak and cannot debate so he uses the same shock jock tactics as many before him.

I think alot of his fans are showing the same neanderthal style of debate. They just shout "Don G, Don G".

I believe the problem was not that Don did not enjoy the sold out show but more the fact that his fat ass was made to stand because they refused to give him a seat because he was late. If you do not enjoy a show or a comedian that is fine. But do not go up to him after the show and tell him he did a good job and take his stuff, just to go on the air and bash him. Keith has posted negative reviews of his cd and shows before without the fighting. The problem was the way Don was so cool and nice to his face then back stabs him to what ?? Gain a couple more listeners. I dont get it? I have seen many comedians I did not care for, and other performers, after those shows I just left. If he is such a big bad ass entertainer why the hell was he at a small Galt comedy show anyways? I would figure he would charter a jet and go to new york or LA to a big name comedy show.

The guy talks all this shit about the show yet all merchandise was sold that night. How do you sell out of CDs if you were not enjoyed by the crowd? Would any of you spend money on a cd if you did not want to hear more of the said comedian? It is just bullshit.

Before his wife died he had been fired from another station and cited "creative differences. You do not go to national syndication and then end up on Sacramento am radio if you are on the way up.

It is indeed tragic and sad that his wife passed. I dont think any of us would make fun of that tragic loss.

I just do not get why Don does not have the balls to discuss these things he just rants and raves and shouts out clique bullshit while his employees kiss his ass. He also spent plenty of time yesterday saying how he was not going to talk about Keith and then brought him up repetedly on the show and would speak another 10 minutes on how he was not gonna speak on the subject. Sounds pretty moronic if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

@DonGeronimoShow At the Crest? Are you referring to Keith?

From Joan yesterday, YESTERDAY, when you were STILL on the ticket you hack loser retard, shut your mouth already.

KLJ said...

Wow. What kind of hate do you save for murderers, rapist and child abusers? You get that nasty over someone fighting with your hero whose job it is to pick fights? Talk about unbalanced.
And why anonymous? Because you're a coward? I at least have the courage to stand behind my comments.

Anonymous said...

wow, you are whiney.....Im sure this like all of the other negative comments will be deleted.

You go funny galt man #LOSER

KLJ said...

There are almost a hundred negative comments on the last post. What a stupid comment to suggest I'm deleting any.
As for Galt, I was opening for Doug Stanhope the two nights prior to the Galt gig. When I'm offered a gig and it pays well I take it and I have fun. Why do you hate the poor folks in Galt so much? I thought they were great. We had a really good time.

PS: Anonymous = pussy, coward, chicken shit


Ny, Portland, LA, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco these are all major cities right? You have performed in all these place so fuck em if they dont get it. When you opened for Robin williams where was that at??? Some little small obscure place right? I guess by their logic he is a hack too.

The problem here is we are trying to use logic and reason with those that cannot comprehend it.

This is what they get. Don is a cock jockey that plays with other guys dicks because he has not seen his in years. Don once fucked a cow while drunk, mistaken her for his girlfriend. Don had lipo just so he could see his stream when he pees. The maid was complaining of cleaning yellow floors. Since that is the only women you will ever find in his home he figured he would keep her happy. Dons blood type is gravy. Don does not miss meals he misses them like he will soon be missing his Kings. Strippers can actually dance on his lap. Don did not fall off the stage he dived off the stage because someone dropped a hot dog on the floor. Don was voted most likely to receive defibulation in high school. His lunch box is a mini fridge. Don does not know if he has balls or not. They are hiding under his flap. Explains why he is a coward that cannot confront anyone face to face or even phone to phone.

arlena said...

Kieth have you investigated exactly who his target audience is? (I don't know, just thinking out loud) This might explain a lot.

SacramentoComedy.Com said...

My first reaction to this controversy is that I hate when stand-up is presented in anything but a professional light. My first reaction was to cringe that it has escalated to such a degree.

However, after reading more about it, I want to congratulate Keith for laying out, quite honestly, about his role as an aspiring comedian and the affront he felt when betrayed by a shock jock so publicly. I know Keith and his humor isn't for everyone, but he is one of the hardest working comedians in Sacramento. I have watched him grow and evolve over the last 18 months.

So, I hope that this blows over soon and everyone goes back into their camp. Comedy is subjective. Radio shock jocks aren't for everyone. I am glad for the show.. but now, on to the main event!

KLJ said...

Thanks Sac Comedy.

Johnnie said...

Keith, the guy is a shock jock. I mean that says it all right there. he is TRYING to get a rise out of people.

While I personally think that picking on you is like kicking puppies, I mean for fuck's sake you don't even eat meat. It also makes you an easy target. You are kind of laid back and any time spent in your presence shows that. It is likely not even YOU he is trying to shock. He is likely trying to shock your fans.

I will write a letter to his bosses for you because I like you. But Don G. is doing his job same as you are doing yours. Mock him in a comedy act. Make him PROVE he does not actually wear his ass for a hat.

And as to whoever said Don G. is beloved in Sacramento? I lived in Sacramento for over 30 years, and neither I nor anyone else I know has so much as heard of this guy until Keith brought him up. (wait Keith was he the bald guy wh came into the shop looking for a bald wig for that bald restaurant... no... I think that was Gary....)

Anyway, Keith you are still MY hero, even if I don't think you are all that funny...;>

Johnnie (from Decades not that other Johnnie)

Anonymous said...

OK, keith, you just can't shit the fuck up. Just go crawl in your little insecurity hole, change your diaper and read the inscription in those poopy pants" KEITH, this is your shit, you are unfunny, Hell i am glad to get relieved out of your bowels so i can dry the fuck up and not have to listen to any more of your whiney, lame ass Gutter comedy". Oh, johnny, you are so full of shit, Don drew a few thousand fans to the auditorium, and has been heard all over the country. Just because you have not heard of him, well you and your two loser friends, does not mean Don has not been on the air here for 14 years.

Anonymous said...

1) Don IS beloved in Sacramento. Ratings for his timeslot on KHTK went up eight-fold when he took it over.

2) I had never heard your comedy until the feud. Now you're on my radar, and I will keep an eye out for you.

3) THat's what it's all about. It's great exposure. You should be stoked. You're not losing ANY fans thru this feud, and are going up a LOT in name recognition. There is NO WAY that this will help your career, and could help a great deal. Try to milk it as much as you can. Go on radio shows, get more print and web exposure...use it to your advantage. Then THANK Don for calling you an unfunny douchebag. (but realize it's giving him more exposure too...)

Anonymous said...

WELL put BRActune, I have seen his act and it fucking blows. Keith has no command of the stage, his body language suggests he knows he sucks the big douche and his delivery is shallow. But you are right about this, Keith, suck DOns dick and just think about the possibilities you could have had, Don does have some connections... as did joan rivers.... you are such a hack keith, unfunny amateur gutterbitch. You are such an idiot

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What the fuck is an AtheistComedian? is that another saying for unfunny amateur ballsniffer, or some kind of wannabe with a insecurity complex who is afraid to take of the ballcap and try to say something funny. Lose the fucking hat keith, it is holding your inner funny back

Anonymous said...

Michael source say's what? oh, keith you suck, love from your number one fan. Please help me learn to be a comedian like you. Should i buy a beret?

Anonymous said...

Keith, maybe you should go with the AtheistComedian moniker full time, you may be onto something. that might bet the start of something new and original there...Wait, i could be the SatanicComedian and we could gig together. Let us try this, you come out, take a shit on a glass table, then i will recite the Satanic prayer while sacrificing a cockroach in the name of the NECRINOMICON then you can recite a sunday school rhyme while i blow my spunk in that funny hat of yours. Pure Comedic genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well now that the anononymous post have been turned off we confirm that it is mainly one guy defending Don. So Carl Grossman how have you been still not allowed within 500 ft of Don?

You are a witless twit that slings pety school yard insults. Your not only not funny your clique and boring. You tell Keith to get over it but you posted on here 6 times. You defend a man that would most likely make fun of you if you called into his show. Of course he would be nice until you hung up which is pretty much his MO.He is a fat bitter fuck that wishes he could still party buy he is an addict. Wishes he was still syndicated but fucked up his career. Wishes could still be on top in bed but cannot do to crushing. Wishes he did not have a Harry Potter scar on his head but fell off a stage quicker then he fell off the radar of every relevant program director in America.

Anonymous said...

YOu got me bruce, you really put me in my place, ohhhhh no, bruce discovered my guise. got a real brain here. hey brucie, captain of the Keith fanclub, you an atheist too? Must be, the way you turn my witless school yard insults against me is, by the way, great. Now, us two dipshits can communicate with some civility. BY the way brucie, have you masturbated today, judging the way you got riled up by the insults directed at your ASSTHEISTComedian hero, you obviously have some pent up issues. Go hug your next door neighbor and ask if you can jerk off on his/her front lawn to relieve that pent up load. Release BRUCIE, Release.

Anonymous said...

Oh, i am not the only one, Bruce.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I just am finding it fun to keep breaking balls. that is all this is, right Brucie? Damn YOur fucking hero had some Possibilities if he had just played along. Do you supporters just not get that? True, he has a few by trying to break Don's BIG BALLS, but could have had more opportuniies, if..well...Keith knows...Joan did kick you off dumb ass...


"Witless twit" is the only insult I slung your way. Not exactly poo poo humor. Well to be fair I called you Carl Grossman but seriously how do I know you are not him. Most of my insults were aimed at Don. I would also point out that I made fun of things that had some sort of relevance. Carl Grossman was a stalker of Don's much like you. I think that is a little advanced for schoolyard humor. Then again, I acknowledged that I think you are unintelligent. I should not assume you would bring much back in the way of intelect.

The sophmoric insults slung Don's way are just good calls. He does come across as bitter and has described himself as angry at the state of radio. He is bitter that many shock jocks have lost their job's due to the fact that comedy has an expiration date. This is the same shtick we have seen for years. "Winning Winning" seriously get something new.

Saying he makes fun of fans again relevant. I heard him call a women that praised him a toothless tweaker and compared her to Margo Kidder. That is awesome to treat someone who loves you in a negative light. He also waited until she hung up to talk shit much like he waited until he was far away from Keith to release his opinions. So by his own actions I came to that conclusion.

He was an addict freely talks about it so again relevant.

His career is not what it was and you would really have to be stupid to summise that it was. So again we have relevance.

Missionary for Don???? C'mon even he would admit that aint gonna happen. His belly would cover up that vagina for sure.

The scar on his head I would almost guarantee that he wishes he did not have that scar. I would also say it not a far reach to assume he did not want to fall off that stage or The big name program directors radars.

You say you are not the only one and you are right there is like two people on this thread since anonymous post were blocked. See Keith thinks that if you are gonna talk shit you should have the balls to at least own it.

Masterbation may be you favorite way to release when you are backed up, I however have a beautiful wife. Why would I want to jerk it when I could just have sex with a sexy women?

Angry? No not really had a nice day off today did all my favorite things.

Toole said...

Don makes snap judgements, often negative evaluations, and once he's made them he'll stick with his position with much enthusiasm on the air. He does it constantly and always has. I think every move Don has made, such as hanging up on you, has maximized the entertainment value of this silly exchange.

devilfunk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KLJ said...

Mr. Kook,
I'm really not. I'm just a nice guy. A loving father, husband and brother. A guy who loves comedy enough to pursue it with all his heart. And a good enough comic, after years of work, to get bookings with my heroes, Doug Stanhope (3 shows and counting) Will Durst (2 shows so far) Robin Williams (just a couple weeks ago) and more coming up.
The truth is, if you met me through any means other than through the Don G. show you'd probably like me. Most people do because I'm a nice guy.
The reason you and Don hate me is that when he made fun of a show that he went to just to have something to make fun of, I talked shit back. That's it. That's my crime. Someone talked shit on me and I returned it. I'm even willing to admit I regret it. I've never been a talk radio listener, ever. I didn't realize what blindly devoted zealot sociopaths were involved. Really glad to be done with my brief step into the world of angry white men. I'm back to the positive world of comedians chasing a dream together, some of us with more talent then others but all of us with a dream and the balls to chase it.
I wish the best to you and if you run into me at a show, say hello. I'll buy you a drink. No hard feelings.

Anonymous said...

Keith, You will get no sympathy from me for bringing family into this. That is a fucked u thing to do. Keith, sometimes men, just have to be men. Breaking balls is what men have done through the ages, whether just jock talk, or stupid drunken babble. Come on keith, I will get personal for one second, I don't hate you, but you have to know this: AM i just one Don supporter here one your board, maybe, but most of his fans are like lemmings, he says jump, we do. But we are loyal to Don, and growing with him throughout his career, successful, yes it still is, we do feel a kinship with him. SOme may not like him, fine, and he has taken those ball breaking calls head on. Keith, I too, would probably hang with you, have a shot of jagermeister or 10, but come on, this is just ball breaking. If you came to one of my fights and saw me get my ass kicked, I would expect some ribbing in return.

KLJ said...

You say ball breaking is just what men do, and it is. I participated. That was my crime.
Don made it personal and detrimental to my family when he tried to go after my pay check. That was taking it too far and went beyond ball breaking.
I worked very hard for years to get to the point where I'd be offered such gigs. His going after me there was him attacking my livelihood and attacking my family's well being.

Now then, you fight? My oldest brother was an MMA fighter. www.johnthereverend.com is his website. I hope I get to see you get your ass kicked sometime, but mostly just because I love a good fight.


The oldest Jensen brother is a former cage fighter an I do not think I would rib him after a loss. He dont like losing :). He can also kick my ass pretty easily. What weight do you figh at?

Underground Maven said...

Men just have to be men and break each others balls.... what a completely douchebag asshat thing to post.

Umm...seriously? What the hell is this?? The Bronze Age, you knuckle dragger? NONE of the men I know would do that where ladies can see them, and a public venue IS vistied by ladies, and I live in an area where open carry is not only the law but the NORM.

If you want to believe that Don G. is a beloved Sacramento icon who am I to poke holes in your delusions? I bet you believe that under the right conditions unicorns and butterflies fly out of his butt and do the cabbage patch dance too. Delusions, they aren't just for the 70's anymore!

And hey Keith... that brother still willing to grease up and strut around? And is he old enough to NOT make me feel like i dirty old lady. I mean I AM a dirty old lady, but I don't want to feel like one..