Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shameful Confessions; Music Edition

Shameful confession #1: I like New Order more than I like Joy Division. A lot more.

Shameful confession #2: Comedy friends Danielle Mandella and John Ross made me listen to Maroon 5 and I enjoyed them and even compared them to Michael Jackson.

Shameful confession #3: The first time I heard Never Mind The Bullocks I thought "This sounds like shit. The producer should be slapped."

Shameful confession #4: On the same day that I bought The B-52s' "Wild Planet" and The Talking Heads "Little Creatures" I also purchased Sting's 1st solo album and liked it as much as the other two.

Shameful confession #5: Hanson, "Mmmbop", love it.

Shameful confession #6: Thought Black Sabbath was something to be laughed at until late into my twenties when a musician friend yelled at me and made me promise to give them another listen.
Shameful confession #6 and 1/2: I like Ozzy's Crazy Train better than anything he did with Sabbath.

Shameful confession #7: Steely Dan, I don't get it. I've tried, more than once. I just don't get it.

Shameful confession #8: Once hated The Smiths, currently one of my favorite bands, so much that I'd ask that they not be played in my presence.

Shameful confession #9: I once said I liked all music except country and disco. And I defined country as anything slightly folksy, blue grass, etc. I defined disco as anything too blatantly non-white. Yes, this is a big one. Be kind, I was very young.

Shameful Confession #10: Listening to Jimi Hendrix is, for me, like watching a really great juggler. Amazing show of skill but no emotional resonance whatsoever.

I hope you enjoyed my musical shameful confessions. Maybe I'll do fashion ones next but I'll have to drag up pictures for that. Yes, I WAS a white kid TRYING to have dreadlocks once.

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