Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ha Ha Heathens Returns to San Francisco Punch Line

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Come celebrate the end of the worlds or at least the end of that particular round of end of the world billboards with Ha Ha Heathens second season.

"With hit shows in LA, San Francisco and Sacramento, Ha Heathens first season still failed to bring God's fiery wrath down on any of the comedians or audience members involved. So Keith Lowell Jensen has put together a new batch of heathens for a 2nd go at it. It's Armageddon or bust as Ha Ha Heathens returns to The Punchline SF, a club that hopefully has it's lightening roods and flood insurance place.

Look for surprise guests, random blasphemy and good God fearing tourists who wander in unaware because they don't want to leave San Francisco without seeing a comedy show."

Meet The Heathens

Brian Malow
The popular "Science Comedian" and Time.com correspondent performed several times with the Coexist? Comedy Tour filling the Jewish slot but he's not exactly orthodox. What he is is a fiercely intelligent and hilarious stand up comedian.

Troy Conrad
He has gone on stage as George W. and as Jesus H., even managing to somehow get his Comedy Jesus DVD selling at WalMart where it surely has been purchased by nice, Christian families not quite realizing what they were getting. Troy was a special guest at The Ha Ha Heathens New Years Eve show at The Center For Inquiry in Hollywood and we're thrilled to have him back.

Caitlin Gill
A rising talent in the San Francisco comedy scene, people are talking about Caitlin Gill. Most of those are people stuck in conversations with her father, who is really, really excited about his daughter telling dirty jokes to strangers in clubs. Her style twists her personal experiences into engaging bits and stories, and drops phrases in your ear that will later litter your lexicon.

Keith Lowell Jensen
Keith Lowell Jensen, the head heathen, has a youtube sensation with his Atheist Church videos. He performs at atheist conventions and gatherings and goes to church with his mom on Easter. He recently performed with Robin Williams and regularly features for super-atheist Doug Stanhope.

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