Sunday, March 13, 2011

Joan Rivers at The Crest

Sid, did get to get a pic. Lucky bitch.
My consolation prize from the booker for the Joan Rivers show at The Crest was a front row seat which I sure appreciated. Admittedly I'm more of a Bob Newhart kind of guy then a Don Rickles or Joan Rivers kind of guy but I thought she put on a fantastic show. When she made a joke about her husband's suicide, and getting his ring and his watch in her mouth before his head hit the ground I gasped! Wow. Nobody can accuse her of being tougher on anyone else than she is on herself.

On the way out the older woman who sat next to me said she didn't get a certain joke about somebody named Shwartz. I told her "It's not the name. The joke is that the winner of a Porn Academy Award for Snuff Porn wouldn't be there to collect their trophy." She says, "What's snuff porn." I told her "I'm not willing to take your innocence. You'll have to Google it."

I hung out after hoping to get in on the meet and greet. Don Geronimo comes walking out and I asked him politely as possible, "Can I get a picture with you Mr. Geronimo?" I figured, standing face to face, we could maybe put the bullshit aside and move on, make nice. Nope. He starts toward me to take the picture then recognizes me and his face freezes. His wife, sensing danger says "Let's just go Don." and he says "Why don't you write more letters to my advertisers." Cool, nice to hear that's been effective. I have only shared with his advertisers actual quotes of things he has said on radio. It's not my fault he said them and he should be proud to stand behind them. At any rate I plan on filling his request and I hope you will too. I have to say I was surprised to see HOW angry he was. He's coming from the position of power here so I'm amazed that I actually got to him. Bizarre?

Janet, Joan and my future BFF
I said the feud was over and I meant it. But I had this accidental run in with him and wanted to share it. Hopefully someday we can get that pic. Whenever you're ready Don... I'll be there.

Tony, who actually opened for Joan and who writes for her told me how bad he felt to take the spot. I told him to knock that off. He did what any comedian SHOULD do when offered such a spot say yes. Say hell yes. Good job Tony. And thanks for being a really nice, gracious person. I really hope you took my advice and didn't just go to Denny's.

As I left, carrying the stool that I had borrowed from Tommy T's to be used on stage (Thanks Tommy T's) I went out the stage exit and there was Joan Rivers. I said a polite hello, told her I enjoyed the show and beat it. She was cool, especially being addressed by a strange man in an alley carrying a stool.

The promoter has promised me another gig and the one I'm hoping to get, the one he's working on getting me, I'm really excited about. We'll see.



Im disappointed in you! I told you to call her a bitch. Not in a mean spirited way more of hey Joan your a real bitch I love you type of way. Glad you had a good night.

Sean Martin said...

Are you going to post some contact information for Don's advisers? And by the way, does he really need a third party to handle this?

KLJ said...

Third party? Confused.
Will work on getting advertiser info up. For now though:
Programming Director:, Sales Manager, Promotions Director

Anonymous said...

Keith, please let it go. I havent seen petty internet fights like this since I was a 13 year old on myspace. U ShOuLd StArT TyPiNg Ur RaNtS LyKe DiS 2 MaKe DeM CoMpLeEtLeE UhLyKe.

and end it with....

*****^^^I <<3333 HaTeRzZzZzZ^^^*****

I still love you. If I didnt I would say nothing.

KLJ said...

Letting it go, I promise. As I say in the post, I actually ran into, tried to make nice. Posted about it as I post about every other inane or exciting event in my life.
As for sharing the addresses, if it's requested of me, I will do so. I think it's great that people who support me want to tell Don's station they're not okay with his behavior.
Love ya right back. Please post less anonymously. :D

Youngstown and Thai Boy Productions said...

At least you got to say hello to her

Sid got a pic with her - cool -

It looks like Don needs to take a chill pill and apologize.

Good for you Keith


Neutral Observer said...

For someone who rails against Mr. Geronimo the way you do, I find it odd that you would want to take a picture with him. Do you really think calling his advertisers on station management is going to do anything? He's been on in the Sacramento market for almost 20 years. The advertisers and management know EXACTLY what he's all about. If "the fued" as you call it is as over as you claim, then you'd just stop talking about him. Period. I'm quite sure owever that you will continue to "rant" about what a terrible person he is and how you're a "victim" because he felt bad and didn't want to criticize you to your face. If you are half as proffessional as you claim to be, you'd be able to take the good with the bad and just rool with the punches. Let it go once and for all already.

Anonymous said...

you are a pretty creepy guy keith

KLJ said...

Face to face on neutral ground, I thought maybe we could make nice and squash this. I was very polite.
As I've explained I wrote about it again because something happened. I didn't go off on him or anything, I just described running into him and if you don't like it don't read it.
This past week were you telling him the same thing? To let it go? I don't listen to anger radio and I never asked to be a part of it.
As far as being able to take it, and rolling with the punches, why is responding to it a sign that I can't take it or roll with it? It is how I'm rolling with it. He talked shit on me publicly and I'm responding publicly.
He contacted Ms. Rivers to try and get me fired and I'm contacting his people to say what an unprofessional and means spirited thing that was to do.
Let me say again, if you don't like it, don't read it.

Anonymous said...

Damn Keith, letting it go would just be to never acknowledge it again, period. Whether you run into him in public or not. You obviously are not letting it go or you would not have written about it here, and encouraged others to write to the advertisers. You really think that is going to make a difference? I question your integrity for there seems to be none and you are really are turning me off as a potential fan, because honestly, you do have some as a performer, but it is hard to get past your abrasiveness, meaning you come off as very thin skinned and petty. You say Don does?, Well he is a professional and has been to the top of the mountain and down by choice, for a fresh start, you know exactly what i am talking about, so perhaps his snuff of you is just his way of saying he is done. Why should he bother with someone who is a amateur and obviously cannot put this thing to bed?
All this is, is a great job of smoke and mirrors by you to try to keep your name out there somewhat. which is smart on your part. But to that i say this, Since Don was 13, he went out and did it on his own, he made his name and millions along the way. He did not try to piggyback on someone else's name. Which is what you are trying, it seems, so hard to do.

KLJ said...

My aim is true. I don't like being attacked when I go out of my way to be a positive supportive person. I have way better ways to get my name out there which I work on constantly. Sorry, you're wrong that I'm trying to milk this. I have no way to prove that so just take it or leave it.
You say Don made it without attaching himself to anyone else? Sorry, Don started this and he starts shit ALL the time, it's what he does. I fought back because I don't suffer bullies.
I'm also talking about it here, on my own blog and on my twitter feed both of which you're free to not read. I'm not pushing my shit on anyone. The only reason I did initially was to respond when Don started trashing me.
As for my potential fans. I am who I am. I'm true to myself and it's served me well. You like my comedy or your don't.

KLJ said...

How I see it:

Don talked shit.
I talked shit back.
Don elevated it by trying to get me fired from a very important gig. He then bragged about it on radio and TV.

If you can still support him after that BS I'd just as soon not have you as a fan anyway so we're good.

KLJ said...

Hilarious how the tone of comments went from Fuck You, you're a Douchebag, fag, hack, etc. to c'mon man, let it go. Leave Don alone.
It just doesn't feel very authentic to me.
If you really want someone to leave something alone, go away. Quit asking them about it.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I did truly want to be a fan of yours. A friend of mine thought i might find your humor funny, I did come here by choice, just to give it a shot, but you have turned me off. I will forever part by saying this, People like howard, don, imus, rush lim, etc... all have a history of bragging about their exploits,on tv, internet, radio both positive and negative. So do many comedians in the field you are trying to get into. They have made a name for themselves by doing so. So really it should come as no surprise to you the events that occurred. I know this because i have been a fan of Don's for years. And this all really started because Don gave his opinion about you as a performer, nothing more. As it was my choice to check you out, to follow your blog for a bit, all this before this feud happened mind you. No longer, you seem real petty.
Keep in mind, just like Don has his ballbreaking callers, etc.., if you ever make it big so will you, perhaps then, you will truly understand where Don is coming from.
GOODBYE, FOREVER from a used to be, potential fan.

KLJ said...

Petty? He contacted Joan Rivers to try and get me fired over a bit of shit talking. And I'm petty?

I'm glad you found out who I am before wasting anymore time. I've never enjoyed angry talk radio, ever. Mancow, Stern, etc. I give them a wide berth. If you're into that sort of thing and then turned off by me responding as sincerely as possible to it when dragged in, then I doubt it would've worked out between us anyway.

See ya.

Sean Martin said...

I support Keith keeping up with this whole thing. It's high time that morning "Zoo Crews" get some shit from the public. Think about it, in every town, on every station they have the same guys doing the morning show.

One guy is always crazy and has an equally "crazy" nickname. The dynamic is always the same with one acting as the straight man and the other being "zany".

After Stern started regularly making fun of people with speech impediments or disabilities it seems that every morning show followed suit. You hear it with "The Rise Guys" and even shows that are pretty good like "Comedy Death Ray Radio". CDRR is a great example of using this shtik just to please the suits who put the show on. You can hear in the hosts' voices and their better guests' voices that they're bothered by having to poke fun at these guys.

Now, I understand that this point is a little arbitrary but it's just another grievance I have with morning radio.

Radio isn't what it used to be, where people would call in with requests and in turn, that decided what was popular. No one takes requests now. Instead, the label pays the stations a certain amount of money for a certain amount of plays and in turn, people assume that they hear these songs because they're popular.

It's high time that these people are ousted from positions they deserve.

I'd like it if Keith had a radio show or a podcast, maybe he can get someone from the local NPR affiliate to help out. Maybe he can hire a local musician friend to compose the transitional music.

Anonymous said...

Since when did you become the radio police? So your claim to fame now is going to be every time Don say's something negative or bad you are going to call attention to it? Done feuding huh? Trying to hang on for as long as you can. How do you look at yourself in the mirror you b-comic with no talent. You are a piece of work. Hope you succeed as a PMRC wannabe of radioland, for you will have no success as a professional comedian. HACK,HACK. get real jokes.

Anonymous said...

Hey SEAN Martin, don't like it, change the dial

Anonymous said...

You are trying so hard to get a mention on tv right keith?

KLJ said...

I could as easily say to you "Don't like it, read another blog"
No, not trying to get on TV. Look if I want attention I'll go after someone bigger than Don G. He's on an AM station in Sacramento. Not worth the effort. The fact is, he came after me.
As for the "hack, hack, hack" stuff, you're a fucking bandwagon hopping follower and I woudln't have been on the list to open for Rivers, no would I have opened 3 times for Stanhope, for Robin Williams, for Jimmy Dore, 2X for Will Durst, if I wasn't doing something right so I'm not really worried about what you think of me.

Notice I let all your comments through. Don just hangs up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you have opened for those 3 real comedians, did that get you anywhere? Nope. Ultimately, you have to have some kind of real talent. Sure, you keep telling yourself you don't want to get a mention on TV. Like you wouldn't trade your amateur comic status to be a pro on the radio, who has made millions, and still brings in the cash, you are really kidding yourself Keith.

KLJ said...

Tim Meadows, Billy Gardell, upcoming gig at The Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland. It's not a matter of three comedians or more, it's I'm getting work. I'm getting hired. The last thing I wanted was a feud, it's not in my nature. Where as Don finishes one and start another.
As for TV, Good Day? Really? There are easier ways to get on Good Day and I've been on Good Day many times. Mark S Allen has interviewed me. My first time on Good Day was almost ten years ago and if anything fighting with Don will make it harder to get on again not easier. It's idiotic to think that this is some ploy to get on Good Day.
I'm gonna do a Don now and say goodbye to you now but do you like the way I at least let you say your piece first? Wish Don had the nerve.

Anonymous said...

whatever keith. still fighting to get that pro comedic card moniker aren't you? Being on TV 10 years ago, did that get u anywhere? Nope. You go Keith, you go.

KLJ said...

Yes I am, fighting with all my might to get that pro-comic card. No shame in that.

That the appearance on TV isn't a big deal is exactly my point. You're really not good at this.

KLJ said...

I will respond to your laughable latest comment when you quit being a cowardly anonymous poster.

KLJ said...

It's funny how you chastise me for not letting go and yet I haven't touched it today and you're out doing research on me. You're either involved, which is pathetic, or you're not, which is doubly pathetic. After all you paint me as a nobody but you're putting a lot of work into a nobody. I'm at least fighting with someone who you see as above me.
Until you have the balls to identify yourself, as I have done from day one, your comments will not go through.