Monday, March 5, 2007

Yup, it's my birthday

So yeah, todays my birthday. I bought some trade paper backs (comic books, only bigger) with money that I got as presents. I picked up:
Peepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt

Alan Moore's The Complete Future Shocks

and Jeffrey Brown's I Am Going To Be Small

And, sorry to be obnoxious (no I'm not) but my sister in law told me to put the link to my Amazon wish list again like a jolly little materialist. So, here it is:

My Wish List

Later I'll break out the camera and tell you of all the great gifts I received already.


anjacara said...

Happy Birthday to you!
It is also my neighbor and best friends b-day too.
I am a single mom so I can't get you anything on your wish list.
SO my gift to you is this post since my eyes have healed and I can now surf the intertubes.

The post and a cup or two of coffee.
Happy Birthday

crowliosis said...

Happy B-day dude. And thanks, I think I'm a pretty good fellow myself. not sure what ))<>(( is, but I'm sure it is more amusing that I don't. Since I'm a day late here, I hope you had a great one.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Thanks. I will cetainly enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee (or two) on you. That was very nice of you.

))<>(( is from a GREAT movie called "Me and You and Everyone We Know". It means back and forth forever.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Oh, and thanks Crow, for the birthday wishes.

crowliosis said...

your welcome. and I was right, it was more amusing when I didn't know. but I'll try to check out the movie

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

When you see the movie it will be more amusing, or sick and wrong, or all of the above.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Click here for my review of Me and You and Everyone We Know.