Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bush is Bad For Comedians

At first you think, "WOW this guy Bush, he's so great. He says such crazy things, comedy writers they must love him. " and that was true, for a time. He refused to testify without his buddy with him during the 9/11 probe. He managed to mess up any speech more complicate than "Howdy." This is good stuff, sure to inspire some hilarious send ups.

But now he's taken it to far. He just came out and said that Rove and Meyers could testify, but in private and not under oath! This is amazing. That our president, the leader of the free world (sorta) would say such a ridiculous thing, and call it his "Reasonable proposal," Well, some might think this is the best comedy fodder you could ask for. No. The you would be mistaken.

The jokes all written. Every two bit hack comic in the country has only to repeat Bush's words and they bring the house down. Wheres the artistry, the skill of a good comic writer? Even the great John Stewart himself had to rely mostly on the tape of the man in charge to bring the very generous laughs. Nothing we could say or write would ever come close to the hilarity of Bush, with a straight face offering this preposterous deal.

And he's no fool. It's all a master conspiracy. You see; It is us, the comics, the funny people who have fueled the increasingly powerful new left. And now, Bush is systematically taking us apart, waging psychological warfare. He has us spinning in circles and scratching our heads. Watch out my funny friends, Larry The Cable Guy is involved somehow, of this I'm sure.

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