Thursday, March 15, 2007

Win a debate the Sucks' way

I've been observing this Atheism Sucks character in his natural environment, on myspace.
I'm like a birdwatcher. I've compiled my field notes and condensed them down to the key observations. What I present here is a guide to Sucks Fighting Style. Not as effective as Drunken Monkey but better than Buttered Penguin.

1) Lots of insults and name calling. Some good ones are baldspot, skank and nincompoop. If you can find a physical attribute that you think your opponent may be insecure about be sure to capitilize on it. Another effective approach is name calling: If you have a young women wearing anything more revealing than a burka. Calling her a slut or a tramp is a time honored and still often effective approach.

2) Ask questions that make no sense and when the person your debating asks for clarification refuse. Announce yourself superior.

3) Set your blog comments to appear by your approval so you can pick and choose which you let through. THIS ONE'S VERY IMPORTANT.

4) Try to find personal information on the person you want to tear apart. Present in a ridiculously biased manner. For instance, "With the help of his devoted girlfriend, Sapient has built a strong following that is gaining momentum from his basement!" becomes a slanderous attack on this freeloading loser who lives in his mom's basement.

5) Refuse to debate the chief subject of your attacks on his forum, saying he doesn't debate on fair grounds, but still present every debate he is in, where he of course has an unfair advantage, as an example of him losing.

6) Scour the internet for any examples of people holding the differing viewpoint who don't seem smart to you. Especially nice if you can find a young girl. Ridicule them and hold them up as an example of this viewpoint.

7) When your immature behavior and innabillity to even draw much of an audience to begin with leads the subject of your hatred, er, sorry I mean the subject of your intense God inspired love to refuse to be bothered with you announce that he is afraid of you. The more he doesn't notice you or ignores you completely the more he is afraid of you, even as he debates scholars who you admire. Scholars who of course make a fool out of him, see #5.

So, I'm done with Sucks' blog, but I dont' regret my time there. I actually got turned onto some theists who are much more civil than he is who I am enjoying interacting with very much.

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rafael said...

I strongly dislike fanatics. They are just so... dumb.