Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Moleste Mi Bicicleta

So, as I walked from my office out into the warehouse to grab my bike, this is what I found.

The first view is me looking UP at my bike from the ground. My bike you see was NOT ON the ground. My bike was three shelves up above my head. This is not where I parked it, but it's where I found it.

Here you can see that the shelf was clearly labeled; "KEITH PARKIN." And so I can't really argue that the bike did not belong where I found it.

In the past I have found my bike with zip ties, many zip ties preventing the tires from moving, with a teddy bear in the driver's seat, and hanging from a hook. I stole the hook, which is why they had to actually put the bike up on a shelf this time. Perhaps I'll give back the hook.

When I arrived there, on my bike, I demanded, loudly, "No moleste mi bicicleta!" This brought a good round of laughter from my Columbian pals, and then my bike on a shelf. And now, now I plot revenge. Suggestions welcome. Keep in mind, I do have a forklift available and I do know how to drive it.


Anonymous said...

put a poop dot in the coffee pot.

Anonymous said...

keith eres un pendejo huevon

KLJ said...

Si, estoy, y tu mama tambien.

Anonymous said...

keith eres un pendejo nopaludo y la puta de tu madre tambien

KLJ said...

You're using eres in correctly. It would be "Tu eres" if your were saying "You are" but since you're refering to me in the third person it would be "Keith es."

Glad to be of help.

crowliosis said...

sweet bike, I had a red one like it in Iraq