Thursday, March 8, 2007

Random bits

Well, first off a bit of news. My appearance on Infidel Guy's radio show has been postponed. I will let you know the rescheduled dates when they become available.

Too young to quit smoking
My friend Ashley tried to buy the patch, the nicotine patch to help him quit smoking. The woman at the counter told him she couldn't sell it to him as he is under 27 years of age. He explained to her that this made no sense but she told him that the computer said he had to be at least 27 years of age. He bought a pack of smokes instead.

Making a Baby
I was walking down K Street today and a young woman passed me, talking on her cell phone. I overheard;
"Yeah, we s'pose to get a room so's we can make a baby, but I'm like, fuck no, he gonna have to make it hisself."

What's so funny about peace love and understanding?
I walked further and a conservative looking woman passed me. Her sweatshirt betrayed no irony whatsoever. It featured a graphic depicting the outline of the continental United States filled in with camouflage and the words "Peace Through Strength."

The sexless masses yearning to be free (but not too free)
It occurred to me that the most conservative couples I know are also the most androgynous. I don't mean this in a bad way at all; I just happened to notice couples that look a-lot alike. Jeans, t-shirts or sweatshirts often featuring the names of city's they've presumably been to, round faces and bodies, short hair, no make up. In a weird sort of way they're very progressive without knowing it.

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Adellamorio said...

I overheard a good telephone conversation, or tel-convo, leaving the store yesterday.
WOMAN PACING: I'm going to treat you with respect regardless of how you treat me. That was yesterday, I'm talking about today. No, that was yesterday.