Monday, March 12, 2007

Vermillion Lies and More

I'm exhausted. Up late doing homework and cramming for a test. I've got to learn not to put things off until the last minute, but if it aint happened yet, well...

Friday I read some poems and stories and even a couple of dreams at a Bukowski tribute. It was cool. Very different from doing comedy. And about 70 people showed up, to see poetry in a bar on a Friday night. That's pretty cool. The bar was the speak easy lounge, below Cafe New Orleans in Old Sac. It used to be The Union and i worked there as a waitor. It was neat to be back. I got on stage and said "I used to wait tables here."

"And now you're reading poetry, that's a step down." a guy heckled from the audience.

I felt like saying, "Thanks for telling my opening joke asshole, now you wanna come up and read my fucking poems?" but instead I just laughed at his dumb joke that was supposed to be my dumb joke, knowing I would have told it better and I went on with my reading. I was well received and when I mentioned my website someone shouted out Ritalin, which was cool. A reader! (Dear reader, I'll get back to Ritalin soon, I promise.)

Saturday, by strange coincidence Bryna took me to the same bar to see Vermillion Lies. They're awesome. Two sisters doing vaudeville type stuff with a little pinch of burlesque. It occured to me that I'd gotten quite old when two very pretty sisters in sexy outfits evoke the thought, "Rad. They're parents must be so tickled at this." But it's true. I'd be so proud if I had daughters traveling around together making music and doing it so uniquely and so well. Hey, they're on tour, go check 'em out, or if they're not getting near you, buy their CD to help support them. They deserve it. Their myspace page is

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