Thursday, March 1, 2007

Macy's bathrooms and Cookies from Preachers

Yesterday was a strange one for sure.

My friend Becca gave my number to Mark who is starting a church in midtown. Mark wants to talk to people in midtown and get a feel for the community he is looking to work within. Becca suggested he talk with me, a moralist/atheist to get a perspective he might not find otherwise. He agreed and asked if he could buy me a cup of coffee. I met with him at Temple and opted for a cookie, joking that it was buy an atheist a cookie day. He suggested it was also have coffee with a pastor day.

We talked, mostly about midtown but also about morality, God, all that good stuff. I told him I didn't like the politics of God or Jesus as represented by the bible and that I thought we'd never endorse such leadership in our leader here. Why, I asked, am I free to lead my life being a good guy here in America despite my disputes with my leaders and yet, according to his beliefs he serves a God who wouldn't afford me such privilege in heaven. He thought it was a good question, and surprised me in saying he'd not been asked such before. He said he'd have to think on it.

I was really impressed. What a nice, honest guy. I hope I do get to talk to him again.

After I left this meeting I went to Macy's with Bryna. She had some manner of gift certificate. Embarrassing admission here: I actually worried about being seen at Macy's. Yeah, I know, lame, insecure, all that. I though to myself, if anyone asks I'll just say I'm here to steal shit. Heh heh.

Anyway, I had to go to the bathroom. Both regular sized stalls were occupied so I settled into the big handicapped stall. The guy in the first stall took a phone call! He was talking, in a moaning sort of "I'm taking a shit" voice. He wasn't speaking any language I knew so I can't tell you what he was saying, but then, the dude next to me started singing. Some modern soul type stuff. He didn't have a very nice voice. I was glad the stall I was in had it's own sink. I washed my hands in privacy and left these guys to their singing, pooping and moaning into cell phones. Sheesh.

Sitting outside the dressing room waiting for Bryna, I watched the little TV where some agnostic dude who does a comic strip called Dodo Byrd (I haven't been able to find his site) argued that atheists were as irrational as religious folks and that having faith was a good thing, just so long as you knew you were having faith. See my last post for my response. It seemed like strange TV to be playing at Macy's. Then some video blogger came on talking about the internet being like, way cool, and TV being like, so totally over, and I felt all was right with the universe again.

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