Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Dad reads my blogs

My mom always said that if we got away with something as kids, she didn't need to know about it now. I respect that and so I've instructed her not to read my blogs. My dad and I have no such deal. Religiously my dad is agnostic and morally, well, let's say I'm probably more of a moralist than my dad. So, how do I feel about him reading my blogs?

Well, fine, I guess. I mean, I do like his feedback regarding my writing and he's wonderfully supportive, but there are many things I've done that he'd probably not guess that I've done. Though he does surprise me. He doesn't assume I haven't done drugs. We were driving once and he said to me, "Whatever decisions you've made regarding drugs, apparently you've done alright."

"Uh, thanks dad." I answered, uncomfortable. I can't help wondering how it would affect my relationship with my dad for him to know all that I've done in my life. We were getting along great even as I was doing things that he would have found most unwise. But, he's a pretty smart guy. It probably wouldn't matter at all.

So I sent me dad an e-mail. I told him I was cool with him reading my blogs, but that as he read All My Jobs he would come across some surprising stuff. I assured him that I wasn't gay, but that it was, um, other stuff. It was an awkward e-mail at best and when he didn't respond I got way uptight and worried that I'd alienated him. I didn't bring it up again.

Then, earlier this week I was talking to my dad about whether or not I should invest a thousand bucks to have my manuscript edited by a really good editor. "I don't know dad. I see lots of people with no talent throwing money at their shit and expecting it to help."

"Well, don't worry about that. You've got the talent." Like I said, my dad's very supportive. "You want me to read this thing?"

"What? Oh, um, well I wasn't sure you wanted to. I mean, I sent you that e-mail warning you that it could be a bit, uh, revealing and all."

"Oh yeah that. Why'd you assure me that you weren't gay? Like I'd worry about that."

"It's not that I thought you'd worry about it, it's just the only thing that I'm innocent of."

My dad laughed and told me he'd be comfortable reading the book if I was. I told him I'd think it over. I'll probably let him read it.

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