Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Hate Kenneth Walton

So this fucking guy right, he graduates high-school, goes to college, passes the bar, already he's like miles ahead of me right. Fucker. With all his successful ways.

But is he happy. NOoooooo. Apparently being an attorney is boring. So he starts selling art on e-bay and he's good at it. Well here's where little Mr. Precious fucks up. He cheats. Shill bids, a wee bit of forgery, that kind of thing. He gets caught. He's looking at prison.

HAHA. Great story. We all love watching the successful fall right? RIGHT? Well screw y'all, I know I do. And so do the readers of the New York Times and every other paper in the country. This dude getting busted selling a fake painting by some hotshot whose name I'm too lazy to try and spell is BIG news. End of story?

No. This son of a bitch, while waiting to be sentenced, builds up a software company selling software for use with e-bay of all things, and he builds it up to the point that he sells it for enough money to pay for all the damages and lawyers fees and loans and then he writes a goddam book about it all and it gets published by a big time publishing house and now he's way ahead of me again before I even had a chance to look down on the son of a bitch. FUCKER.

HE's also a really nice guy and his book is really good but that just makes me hate him more.

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