Friday, March 9, 2007

Megen's Law

I'm against it.

What?!!! (sound of screeching tires, needle pulled off record, baby crying) Did I just say that I hate America, love kicking puppies and want to have sex with your grandma?

Why would I be opposed to this wonderful law that lets us all know where the child molesters are?

Let me see if I can explain it. I feel like we shouldn't let these guys out at all if we have so little faith that they're recuperated. The recidivism rates are very high, so what should we do about it? Stop letting them out so soon. If you let someone out but you make sure the whole world knows that they're a kid fucker you seriously decrease their chance of making it. Decrease their chance of making it and you increase the chance of them committing the crime again.

Prisoners who have trouble adjusting to the outside world often commit the same crime that got them locked up to begin with in order to go back. I'm not saying they'd do this heinous thing just to get back in, but they'd be less likely to fight the urges if getting caught meant going back to prison and going back to prison didn't sound so bad when they can't get a job, their neighbors hate them and want them dead, and all this is compounded by the emotional turmoil all ex-cons go through.

So, if you can't let them out with a chance at of rejoining society, don't let 'em out at all. Maybe someday we'll get to understand them, and we can rehabilitate, until then keep the baby fuckers.

And one only sort of related thoughts: There is no victim that tugs at our heart strings more than a kid whose been abused by an adult, until that kid grows up and becomes that adult and then there is no one who inspires more hatred.


Anonymous said...

totally agree with you here. saw you tonight at the bukowski tribute. totally teared up laughing. thanks.

KLJ said...

Thanks man. It was loads of fun.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me what Megens Law is? I live in Germany and they have just let a child molester free into my neighbourhood.