Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Country Song I Wrote


Well I finally found a way
To cope with the pain
That you left in my heart dear
The day you boarded that train

Well I sat right down here
In front of my TV
I've been here ever since
You took your love from me

There's a travellin' man
And he takes me touring
To foreign lands

He don't talk about love no
He knows not of loss
He just talks hotel, motel
And how much it will cost

And My TV
Will not leave me
So to my TV
Faithful will I be

Well I home shopped
I bought some great things
A fancy bird watchers clock
Every hour a new bird sings

I watch the Chinese news
Spanish soap operas too
I don't understand them
But they never mention you

I got my couch
all to myself
I don't share my popcorn
With no one else

I got my black box
my remote control too
I got so many channels
I Got No Room For You

And My TV
Will Not Leave Me
So To My TV
Faithful will I be

If ya click here you can hear a very rough recording made about five minutes after St Simon and I finished writing the music. That's Simon singing. Sid's going to sing this in the next ICBINC show I'll video it and get a youtube up.

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