Thursday, March 9, 2006

Walk The Line

Birthday dinner with dad last night. Collard greens, fried portabello mushrooms, brown rice and sweet potatoes. He also cooked up some fish for the ominivores.
I practiced doin' ollies on my new skateboard in his backyard, managing not to break any new bones and then we all watched Walk The Line.

The acting is excellent and over all the movie was pretty good. I might have liked some more music especially some live concert scenes that really captured the excitement of a live show. I thought "Ray" did a better job in this respect. One can't help comparing the two movies. The Johnny Cash of this film is a-lot more vulnerable and needy than the tough as nails Johnny Cash of his songs. This is mostly a good thing but it's a bit over done in places.

The movie did what any good biopic of a great artist should do. It made me feel like I wasn't doing enough to push my own art. I find I'm defending myself to myself. Reassuring myself that I'm editing my book, working on two short films, and getting scripts ready for a series of short films with my comedy troupe who just finished an eight week run. I guess I'm doing a-lot. It would help if more of what I did had the immediate feedback of being on stage. Oh well. I could do more of the open mic poetry type scene, but mostly I write stories and long ones at that. I dream of the day I get a book published and do a tour. That will rule.

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