Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Ben Lomond Skate Park

I got up early this morning and went skating. About three miles up highway 9 from where we're staying in Felton (which is just up 9 from Santa Cruz) I found this cool skate park. There were a couple of kids already there and they were really nice. It's funny I skated okay when I got there, but I swear I got more confident and skated better after talking with the kids and seeing that they were friendly. Then they left and I skated better still. I had a blast. When some new folks showed up, a father son, and they were totally cold I started to feel kinda clumsy. It's weird how much stuff like that affects you. Skate like no one's watching, to co-opt the cliche. Skating is a great way to start the day. I wish the Sacramento park opened earlier. I may hit Ben Lomond again tommorow.


Shawn said...

Dude, Feltcher (felton) is home to the international saw playing championship... I saw a japanese dude and a indian dude have a old fashioned throw down. It was like beatstreet breakout exept with saws and violin bows. It was also the first place my choad ever fell asleep. Go drink at the haunted mansion and play with the little birds, they have cool oldschool arcades as well. Go visit the brewery. Go farther up north and you will hit a dirt road follow it up all the way and your will reach a lookout of the valley, watch the stars their. I saw the good ass leonids or was it the persues? <-sp? their. It was like watching a star wars battle and shit.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Cool. I definately planned on checking out more of Felton, but now I'm doubly commited to doing so.
The cabin we stayed at was crazy. The owners spray painted Fern River across the bed spread, twice. It's hillarious. It's a fairly nice place being managed like a hotel six which works out great, keeps the price down.

Shawn said...

heres info on the saw playing fest in felton

Im not sure if i can make a link tag here so just CnP.

They try and charge for parking, dont do it, park south of the camp on the opposite side of the road for free.