Saturday, March 4, 2006

Birthday Art from Darin

Darin and Christie are amazing artists. Click here to check out their website.

They are the folks that started the Trash Film Orgy with Junior, Sid and I, and they've kept it going while I left to do sketch comedy.
They were also founding members of ICBINC my sketch comedy troupe.

Darin did this awesome zombie painting which I've loved for years and I planned on buying it some day, but when ever I have money to spend on art I pay an artist to design flyer art or an ad (D and C have done plenty of these for us.)

Darin gave me the painting for my birthday. Thanks Darin. This will look great in my kitche across from my Universal Monsters poster.
Original art is about the coolest thing to get for your birthday.


BodenMaddox said...

Happy Birthday, fucker.

Wirehed said...

Happy Birthday fucker art thief...that was going to be mine! :)