Monday, March 6, 2006

My Birthday

It's all over now, well almost. I still have to have my birthday dinner with my dad on Wednesday.

On my actual birthday, yesterday, I woke up after having a lovely night with my sweetheart, movies and lots of cuddling (I'll not kiss and tell) and had a lazy morning. Bryna told me she was taking me out to lunch but first we had to feed her sister's cat as her sister went whale watching. When we got Emily's house to feed the cat all of Bryna's sisters were there with our friends Chris and Jesse and the husbands and boyfriends (Bryan and Adonis) and lots of food and drinks and presents.
After that nice afternoon surprise party which Lydia and Emily put together, best little sisters ever, I went to an ICBINC wrap party to celebrate the close of our 8 week run. There were some presents for me there too.

Now for the presents. Adonis got me The Wild Bunch on DVD, one of my favorite movies of all time. Bryna, her sisters and Brian all pitched together to get me a new skateboard which I'm quite stoked about. Maybe I'll hurt myself less on better equipment eh? Probably not. My friend Ben got me SNL The Best of John Belushi. I love John Belushi. And Sid got me a gift certifiate to the Natural Foods Co-Op where I like to do some eating.

Thanks everybody for a great weekend and some nice stuff. We all like stuff.


eMiLy aka bestest lil sister ever said...

There was SO much food and SO much beer and alcohol. I can not believe you fatty lushes ate and drank it ALL. And my house is trashed. I think you guys brought half the mud from the back yard in with you. I think Keith was surprised though. But not as surprised as he would have been if Bryna hadn't left an email open with the word PARTY in it. Ruiner!!

But even so, I'm not sure he even knew it was a party for him. For the first half an hour he walked around saying, "But if you're here why did we have to come over to feed the cats?" Then he found out there were presents and turned into an obnoxious two year old.

We are all responsible for his next broken arm. I think since he's done pink and blue lately, his next cast should be purple. Or maybe rainbow. I'm sure it's only a matter of days before he takes his new board out and breaks a hip or something this time. That's part of the reason I was so happy to chip in! Keith in a walker pan handling?? Funny stuff.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Your just reading my blog to get your props. You earned 'em though. Thanks.
And next time, keep your freakin' boyfriend long enough for me to get a GD present out of him. Damn.

writegrrrl said...

happy belated birthday!