Thursday, March 9, 2006


I owed over $200 bucks in state taxes for 2003. I sent in a letter asking why I wasn't granted amnesty and why I didn't get a renters credit. I got a call back from a woman who explained that the amnesty was only offered up to 2002, and I didn't understand the reason why I didn't get the renters credit.

"Okay, so I jus have to pay it eh?"

"Yes. I'm afraid so."

Now this should be goodbye, but being me, I keep talking.

"That's too bad. I was trying to be good, getting all my taxes caught up. I had my dad help me. I'd been on the road for years and once I fell behind it was so hard to get caught up. I've learned my lesson though. I have 2005 all done already and good to go."

"That reminds me of my son. Here, let me see what I can do. I think we can give you and exemption here, and I think we can let this go here..."

Next thing you know they owed me $12.
So you see, being a nice guy even when you're not getting what you want sometimes pays off. This lady probably deals with people whining and having temper tantrums all day. She was willing to go the extra mile for a nice person. Yes I realize this is crap. I realize I shouldn't have to be nice in regards to weather or not I have my money stolen from me by the state, but hey, take the world as it is while trying to make it more like it should be yeah? And keep your money. Yay!

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