Thursday, March 16, 2006

More on the No Petrol experiment

So, I'm stoked on the month of no petrol idea, see two posts down, basically, one month, no driving or even being a passenger in any gas powered vehicle.

I'm going to invite any and all to join me, in fact if you're reading this you are cordially invited. I'll set a date soon. Very soon.


It would be BS if I did this, but let my girlfriend use the car to get all the groceries and laundry done, SO, I will do half the shopping and my own share of the laundry, meaning my clothes and half of the towels, sheets, etc. without the aid of a car. We don't have a washer and dryer in our apartment and so we use a laundry mat if you haven't figured that out.

My nephew. I enjoy taking my nephew skating, but the park's a bit far for a 9 year old to ride his bike. The light rail wouldn't get us much closer. We may have to settle for street skating for a while, and he can find someone else to take him to the park if he wants to go.

Visiting my parents. I'm actually going to try going out to both parent's houses at least once. It's about a twenty minute drive, mostly freeway to my mom's and just a pinch longer to my dad's so it'll probably be a good hour or more by bike. We'll see. I might see about borrowing a bike that's more geared toward road trips. My Dino is too concerned with looking cool.

Going out of town will be really rough, but maybe I'll convince Bryna to ride with me to one of the nearby hotels on the river or even to Davis for our get out of the grid fix.

That's it for now. Please get in touch if you're interested in doing a month, or even a week, day or whatever, without petrol.

Post Script: Just got back from riding my bike to the skate park. Two days in a row skating, nothing broken. My bad streak has ended? I hope. I'm knocking on wood.

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