Thursday, November 30, 2006

See You In Court Cockerham

A few months back Rob Cockerham of suckered me into an "experiment" involving me betting my life savings on a fixed race, and it wasn't fixed in my favor.
Well, it seems the joke will be on him after all. You see, the little webmaster couldn't help showing off, and is now including a picture of my disgrace in his annual Cockeyed.Com calendar. HA. I know this calendar makes millions, and I don't seem to recall signing over permission to use my likeness.
If you're in this picture as well, get a hold of me, we can make it a class action lawsuit.
And the rest of you may as well go buy one. Since I'm suing the creep your money will be supporting ME and I know you feel good about that. Click Here to purchase one now.

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