Thursday, November 2, 2006

Bush Amazes Again

It's a shame the li'l Texan can't use his powers for good. He is AMAZING, truly. First, durring his campaign for re-ellection he managed to make Kerry, the purple heart veteran look like a wimp, despite the fact that he hid out the war in the Texas Guard, and was awol for most of his time there.

Now, the man that has sent our under-supplied troops into a war that he has no idea how to win or even get us out of is jumping up and down pointing the finger at that same veteran, claiming now that Kerry is disrespecting the troupes!!!

Wow! It's like the kid with ice cream all over his face is pointing out that the kid munching on a carrot is ruining his appetite before dinner.

And Democrats, in the best spot they've been in for years, instead of jumping to their man's defense and pointing out the obvious irony of Bush being the one issuing complaints about troop respect, are backing away from Kerry, even canceling appearances with the Veteran.

Did Kerry really mean to insult the troops? You'd have to be pretty desperate or pretty dumb to believe for a second that he would. He was trying to imply that Bush was the one who partied his way through school, didn't study hard, got us stuck in a quagmire.

David Letterman pointed out that Kerry is pretty amazing himself able to "lose elections he's not even in." Of course, Kerry's inability to speak clearly is a problem. I mean, imagine what would have happened if we'd elected a president who couldn't communicate clearly and effectively. ?!?

If you're reading this and you disagree, PLEASE comment. This is one of those cases where I'm really trying to see both sides, but It just seems so obvious to me that it's a bunch of b.s.

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crowliosis said...

As a veteran I must say I was quite insulted by Kerry's comments. Don't just assume I am a big fan of Bush, I think this war has been handled shamefully. However I would like to say that what bothers me most isn't Kerry's comments and it goes against both sides.
These politicians (Bush, Kerry, etc) were elected and are being paid by the American peole to do a specific job. That job is not to jet around the country raising money for and appearing in other peoples campaigns. When are the idiots gonna start doing their job for the American people and stop playing party games?
I am a registered independent and vote that way, I don't care what party a person is in and if they represent their constituency properly and answer to their conscience (assuming they have one) it shouldn't matter. But these days it seems I am not voting for the candidate I like best, just voting against the one that scares me the most.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

It's too bad you were offended, and I can see how you would be first hearing the comment, but looking at the fact that this man is a veteran himself can you see that it's more believable that what he meant was that Bush was a poor study who got stuck in Iraq than that the troops there were poor studies. I mean, the standards the millitary has now, it just wouldn't make any sense.

And I do think Bush himself is a rich, draft dodging, hawk who went to war hastily and recklessly and therefore owes the troops the biggest apology.

I agree though on your other point. Why do they have so much time to fly around the country campaigning. Shouldn't they be working? I'm working! And I'm less a dem that you might think, but, to be honest, I want to see Bush STOPPED and if that means throwing my support at the Dems for now, I'm willing.

crowliosis said...

Don't worry about stopping Bush to much, it ain't like he's gonna get re-elected in 08

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

I Don't think we need to wait 'til 2008 to get him out.