Saturday, November 25, 2006


A whole day to just relax, work on my house, do some reading and writing, maybe a little trip to the skate park later. After two days of hectic Thanksgiving action it's much appreciated.
We had dinner at my mom's place. Two of my brothers, one almost sister-in-law and four of my nephews, plus two Uncles and an aunt and a cousin from NY were all in attendance. I had my usual Tofurkey and my brother Erick offered my some meat, an important tradition that one. Then we went to Bryna's sister Erin's place picking up our nephew Antonio on the way. More food.

Bryna's mom's husband, Rex, brought a hookah and that may have been the highlight of my thanksgiving. It's wonderful to sit on the porch and enjoy the sweet molasses tobacco called Shisha. We had an apple shisha and a watermelon shisha which surprisingly was really good. I think I will need to buy a hookah soon. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas.

On Friday we checked out the new skate park on Power Inn Road. WOW! It's so incredible. Huge pools with lips that extend up and all kinds of stairs and rails. The place was packed. I saw a dad being a total ass to his five year old son and seven year old daughter. He was making fun of the kid for being afraid to skate in one of the pools and yelling at him for sitting on a rail. I wanted to sock him, but that wouldn't help the kid any. The dad probably had an ass hat for a dad himself, and his kid will probably grow up to be an ass hat dad as well. It's the ass hat chain.

Speaking of dad's, after the skate park we went to my dad's place for more thanksgiving. Bryna made poached salmon that came out perfect. I grabbed a bunch of kids and we went in search of the Elk Grove Skate Park. First we followed google directions to Ground Zero, the indoor park. The directions led us to a church. Man, them Christians will try anything. Then we went to the outdoor park. It was closed. Beautiful park, can't wait to check it out when it's open. Antonio and I did go to the park by me, B Street, that night. I thought we'd have the place to ourselves since the new park was open but no such luck. It was packed and everybody there was really good. I'm getting better about taking my turn even though I'm not so great and the guys that are good are always cool, patient, and encouraging. Hell, I'm way better than I was when I started just over a year ago.

Well, I don't want to use up my day off talking to you, no offense. Scroll down for a couple of new stories and check back soon for the release of my book and also watch for my new Zombie Christmas story.

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Antonio and I found this video of a bunch of Sacramento Skaters

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