Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well the first agent passed on my book.

It feels good to have it out of the way, and I knew that it was unrealistic to think this would be easy. I do have to admit though, I am worried about how long and how much energy this will take. I have friends who have been piling up the rejection letters for years and I'm really hoping that's not what I'm getting started here.

I have faith that the work is good though. I haven't had to beg people to read it. I've had tons of people read the whole thing, and it's HUGE and I've had more than one person let me know that they read it twice, so I will try to remain confident that it's just a matter of finding the right match for me as far as agents go.

Here's the letter. You can pretend that you're the one being rejected, it's fun:

(Put Your Name Here),

I took a look at this and although you are undoubtedly funny, this project isn't for me. Unfortunately, a nonfiction project without a "name" (forgive my Hollywood talk, please) or platform attached is a tough sell. And also, I just don't personally connect to your tales.

I'm sure you've heard the "agenting is very subjective" bit before, but it really is true. Although your project is not right for my particular list, it very well could be a perfect fit for someone else.

I wish you tremendous luck in finding the ideal advocate for your work.

(I'm not putting her name here out of respect)

It was a polite letter and it didn't leave me feeling too rejected. Minutes after I got the letter a coworker came in and told me that he very likely has cancer. Damn. That sucks. Sort of robs me of my pitty party there don't it?


Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure you're just an undiscovered genius. And that lady is kinda dumb, but hey Im pretty sure Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle were rejected more than once. I think.

KLJ said...

Ha ha. Thanks Rafael.
I don't have any ill thoughts toward her. My book, it's not for everyone. But I'm sure I'll find the right agent here soon.
Undiscovered genius eh? I'm just gonna go ahead and let that one go to my head. I'll be impossible at work tomorrow. "Keith, can you file order this?" "Order? Order? Excuse me, but I'm an undiscovered genius dammit!"

Anonymous said...

Well, you culd print the book by hand, on a printing press. That would show thoes negative nancys.

KLJ said...

See my latest post "Self Publishing" regarding that one.
Getting one rejection letter is no big deal. I'll keep searching for agent. The problem with self publishing is the marketting, promoting, distribution, etc. part. I've done that kind of thing, and I do alright with it, but I'd really like to find a situation where I can concentrate more on the writing and of course the being adored, I like that part too.

Anonymous said...

mkay, ha, saying that your book is not for everyone would be like saying that sex is not for everyone, which might be true, but the people for whom sex is not for are stupid. and i dont really know if your book is as good as sex but for the sake of the argument let's assume it is.