Saturday, November 11, 2006

An Announcement

You're the first to know. I'm starting a new blog project in January.

After the popularity of All My Jobs and All My Kisses, I want to really do this one up right.
I will be fully press releasing, looking for advertisers, and we're even talking about setting up some incentives for the generous folks who donate, little gifts like NPR does. I want to promote this one in a big way, and I should; it's to be a BIG blog.

The blog will be called...
Pharmaceutical Adventures in The Public School System.

The chapters will be mostly broken up by grades, starting in Kindergarten. During my 12 years in public school (I skipped my senior year) I:
  • was expelled three times
  • went back and forth between honors classes and special ed constantly
  • took Freshman PE three years in a row, never managing to pass it
  • got straight As once
  • got straight Fs once
  • attended eight different schools
  • failed to learn Spanish or French despite many hours spent saying "I have a pencil. There is the window."
Watch for news on this, and PLEASE, if you know anyone who I should add to my press release list (other bloggers, webmasters, journalists, etc) or if you know anyone who might buy an add on my page let me know. Thanks.

PS: If you wanted to get the jump on supporting this new project, there is a donation button in the column on the right. :)

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