Monday, June 12, 2006

Where've I Been?

I must be feeling guilty for not keeping in touch with my friends. When Chris asked me where I've been she got this:

"Finishing writing my book, finishing editing the panhandling documentary, shitting blood, working 40 hours a week, getting ready to host the sammies, putting together a one man show based on the book I'm finishing, squeezing in some time to spend with my sweetie, talking about planning a wedding, thinking about planning a wedding, keeping up my five gazillion blogs, hatching sea monkeys, reading about and experimenting with diets that might help me to not shit blood, skateboarding, limping (after skateboarding), watching The Simpsons, dressing like a mime and cruising around in a limo (for $55 an hour!!!), planning a stunt called Nascar Drive-Thru with my friend Rob for his website;

I'm sure I left some thing out. And hey, in the name of multi-tasking, I think this may be my next blog entry.

What are you up to?"

So, what are you up to.


Anonymous said...

Saw this... thought of your Blogger space.

KLJ said...

Ha ha. I have that pic up on somewhere. It's funny, the guy's sign now has a note on the bottom "Have you seen me on the internet?"