Thursday, June 15, 2006

All MY Kisses

Well, I did it. All My Kisses is well underway. I'm detailing all of my romantic entanglements from the earliest I can remember on. You can view the first post by clicking here.
Or just visit to see the latest post.

Leave comments, participate, and be warned, it's pretty cute in places and pretty funny but my romantic life has been ugly from time to time too. It's here, warts and all, except the gay stuff. Until you come up with photographic evidence, I'll never cop to that.

Oh, and speaking of photographs, I need graphics. Interested in illustrating a post? Let me know. I'd love to feature different artists on each page and would of course link back to you.


anjacara said...

After reading all your jobs, I can't wait to read all your kisses.
Please keep them coming so I can look busy while at work...

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Thanks. I'll keep 'em coming. I'm excited about the project so I'm writing A-Lot.