Saturday, June 17, 2006

Site Map

I thought it was about time I gave this big mess of content some organizing. So here's a quick guide to the good stuff.
The home page and the most boring page. It's my dear diary blog about hatching sea monkeys and getting hurt skate boarding. I use this page to keep you up to date whenever I post something new on the other pages. Here's a greatest hits page.

All My Kisses
My current BIG project. I'm writing about all the romantic entanglements of my life. It's sorta graphic in places but in a pretty innocent way. Start with the first chapter here.

All My Jobs
This is the most popular page. I tell the story of every job I've ever had, which also becomes the story of me growing up, or trying to. I'm now putting up other people's job stories here. How about yours? Start here, at the list of every job in order.

I decided to explore the urban legend of the panhandler who makes crazy good money at it and goes home to a nice house every night. I went out panhandling myself, employee all kinds of crazy costumes. There's lots to read here, but the blog is mostly stagnant while we edit the documentary.

Mostly True

These are stories that are true at least according to my memories which I've learned not to trust. I might also stretch the truth a little if I wish it had happened differently.


Fiction's the toughest for me. It's actual creation. Much easier than just writing about all the dumb things of done.


I've been in a-lot of fights in my life. Every once in a great while I write about one.

Yeah, so I write poems. Call me Emo or whatever the current insult for "sensitive" guys is.

Just a dream journal written while half awake.

My "friends" on the internets.

I'm in a comedy troupe, I have a MySpace Page and I'm a huge fan of Francois Fly.

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