Sunday, June 4, 2006

Venus Envy

I Am A Geek!
If there was room for doubt before, it is scientific fact now. Its geeky enough to have a billion and one blogs, but now I've done it, I've gone and gotten myself addicted to a web comic.
Being addicted to a comic is one thing, and I've certainly been there; Love and Rockets, Scud!-The Disposable Assasin, Elf Quest, Sandman, Crumb, American Splendor, Ed The Happy Clown, Jeffrey Brown's graphic novels, crap, I didn't realize the list would keep going when I started it. But now, a web comic, that's the pinacle of geekdom. And the culprit is Venus Envy. VE (apparently us geeks like anagrams, I'm done fighting it) is the story of a transgender teen dealing with the soap opera of high school life, with the added trials and tribulations of being a girl with a penis.

My own quest for identity is quite different from that of VE's protagonist Zoe but there are difficultities with finding and being yourself that are universal and I found myself really relating. It's interesting to see the art evolve as the story line progresses. The artist, Erin Lindsey is transgender herself, and she has a great outlook that gives a backstory and some sympathy to most of her characters, even the few villains she's allowed herself.

Erin is not putting up new strips at the moment thanks to scanner problems and a hectic school schedule, but judging from her past down times she should be uploading again any day now. It would be a good time to hit the archives, catch up on the story, and send the artist a buck or two.

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