Tuesday, June 27, 2006


It was a great trip. I spent the first night at a campground, but a very Souther California campground. A bunch of tents and trailers crowded together like a trailer park, the lake a good mile away and mostly ignore. Weird. My nephew Micheal and I walked down to the water and we were the only ones there, then as the sun sets a truck drives by with a little squak box on top and tells us it's now time to go back to our camp, the lake closes at sund down. And people pay for this!
My brother bought a new tents camper and it was great but even more surreal. Air conditioning, video games, HI-larrious. I had a good time. When it was good and dark I grabbed Riley and Michael and their buddy Jerod and we went on a younger siblings walk to the playground. Kids like being able to play when it's dark out.
The bathrooms were pretty gross. I had weird interactions there. First; I was waiting for a dude to finsish with the little stall. As he walks by me he says, "Ha, waiting in line for the bathroom!" What the hell else was I gonna do? Sit on his lap?
The next morning the guy in the stall next to me was dying. I could hear bad things happening as he struggled with, um, the loose bowells. I got back to camp and my brother says, "Is that guys till in there?" He'd apparently been there for most of the morning. I'm on a special, very restrictive diet for my own digestive health and hearing that dude suffer helped me to stick to it.

Day two, after packing up camp we headed to Edward's house. I was happy to see Bryna again. The camping was boys only. We camped, so what did the girls do? Party? Drink? Play cards? No, they cleaned and got the house ready for the party. What a rip off. I decided that us guys owe them a party now, with strippers and everything.
The party was my brother John's birthday 40th party and a reunion of sorts since he and his family have been in Australia for the past 2 years. My nieces have grown so much. They're young women now. Young women with a dad who can scare all the boys into behaving. (John't the former Ultimate Fighter). Brett showed up with his lizards and did a show at the party. Brett RULES.

Bryna headed back to Sac with my nieces and my brother on Sunday night. I spent another night away from my sweetie. I drove most of the way home with John, Raquel (my sister in law) and my mom on Monday. Soooo good to sleep in my own bed, with my sweetie.
Now, I'm back at work.
My Sea Monkeys are looking good. Getting big. I'll get video up soon.

I came home to a nice ten dollar donation from Jody, who liked my Jobs blog. Thanks Jody. Made my day.

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