Thursday, June 22, 2006

More on Sea Monkeys

UPDATE: I decided I had enough to say about Sea Monkeys to give them a blog of their own. Please visit

Good News: The Sea Monkey tank at work is rocking. I've got a good three dozen li'll suckers swimmin' around in there, maybe more. Temperature is definitely the missing piece regarding my home tanks.

Bad News
: The home tank is a ghost town. No Sea Monkeys survived the heat wave.

Good News: If I let all the water evaporate and then fill the tank up again, supposedly second generation eggs'll hatch. This experiment failed the last time I tried it, but I'm gonna give it a go, after moving the tank to my work.

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Elena said...

my kids got some Triops and they are pretty large compared to the sea monkeys, pretty slimy looking. we got them at Christmas from bravofun and they really did grow. Sensative to cold though!