Monday, June 19, 2006

Monos Del Mar

I started out so excitedly hatching my Sea Monkeys. I've hatched dozens of batches before but it would have to be this batch, hatched with all you, my millions of readers (HA!) watching, that would bite the big one (it's not really big except when compared to the miniscule Sea Monkeys.)

I had about six hatch right away, and then up to twelve, then back down to six :( and now, I have two. TWO! Two lonely li'l monkeys of the sea swimming around in their little pink tank.

I suspect the heat we've been having in my non climate controlled home is to blame. Oh curse you swamp cooler! My work is considerably more even temperatured, and never gets above 85 degrees in the office before someone turns on the A/C. So, I set up the second tank, pictured, on my desk. I add the eggs tomorrow. I shall stay dedicated to my pets at home, maybe I'll even move them to the office if things go well here.

Oscar, my friend from Columbia, taught me how to say Sea Monkey in Espanol; Monos Del Mar. Gracias Oscar.


anjacara said...

Listen you two little sea monkeys,
Hang in there! Stay Alive!

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

They were still swimmin' strong this morning. I gave them your warm regards.

Ambot said...

I hope these guys did okay over the weekend, maybe you should have gotten them a pet sitter, or does Sea Monkey Pet Sitting exist?

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

I wasn't at work today, so I'll see how they did when I get in tomorrow, meaning the work ones.
The two refered to in this post were dead long before the weekend. The memorial is in five minutes. Hope you can make it.