Thursday, June 8, 2006

Sea Monkeys Part II

UPDATE: I decided I had enough to say about Sea Monkeys to give them a blog of their own. Please visit

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After rinsing out the tank and filling it with bottled water, I emptied the contents of Packet 1-Water Prufier into the water. I used the the "Aqua leash" to stir. The aqual leash is like a small turkey baster.

I let my pretty pink Sea Monkey tank sit for the required 24 hours, and then some. I waited a week. I was really hoping to get the cool USB microsope back so I could get some images of the itty bitty baby sea monkeys, but it aint happening.

I ran out of patience yesterday and dumped in Packet 2- INSTANT LIFE! ! !
I've done this a million times, and I've kept all manner of aquaria, but it still amazes me everytime. I dump in this packet and within seconds little critters have hatched and are swimming around looking for food. It blows me away. They really tiny. You have to stare for awhile to see them. Once you see one you can find the others. I have a small batch this time. I only see three where as past batches have started with dozens. I'm not off to a good start for trying to make this batch last a whole year.

I sit and watch my three sea monkeys as the swim in gracefull little loops and arcs around their world. It's meditative for me. I moved them into a sun beam for a few minutes. They go crazy in the sunlight, swimming in wild little loops. They seek out light. If you use a flashlight in a dark room you can get them all to crowd into one corner of the tank, and then they'll follow the light across the tank. Man, being a geek is sure fun.

I start feeding them on day five (we're on day two now.) I found this Helpful Hints page at I'm following his directions pretty closely.

I found my Sea Monkeys On The Moon set up. I bought it months ago and it disappeared. My girlfriend had decided that since it was a toy it belonged in my Barbie display case. !?!? And then she forgot. It works out alright though. I'll save the on the moon kit until I have the microscope. It's a better shaped tank as the larger surface area on a shallower, wider tank allows for more gas exchange.

I'll keep working on that microscope, while keeping you informed on how the pink tank progresses.

Here's the pink tank on my night stand. You can click to enlarge the picture and check out my reading list. Those books are there to make me look smart. The comic books (what really smart people read) are in the drawer.

I'm the ghost of Bryna's distorted face. Booooo!Click to enlarge this, and you won't see any sea monkeys. They're too small. But you will see my girlfriends face distorted by the tank. And for fun, see how many SNL cast members you can find in this picture.

RED HOT NAKED SEX PORN GIRLS NO FOR REALClick to enlarge this X-TREME close up, it's totally X-TREME! And if you look really close you'll see RED HOT NAKED SEX PORN GIRLS. You won't really, but a-lot of folks google search for that kinda stuff.

HEY KIDS (and naked sex porn girls) Buy your own sea monkeys, and do the experiment with me!

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