Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Skating, X-Men III, The End Of The World

Well, here it is, 6-6-06. Nice knowing you all. The fire and brimstone should be an insteresting show. Will we all grab lawn chairs and sit outside our houses watching like on fourth of July, the dogs hiding under the bed? Dogs are smart that way.

Always try to believe it's the end of the world. The biblical prophesy speaks of "coming like a thief in the night." implying an unexpected happening, so if we just expect everything, always watching for the axe to fall, it never will, right? So you see, if not for those crazy "The End Is Near" guys the whole big ball would've been up in flames years ago.

As for the real world, went skating Saturday with my buddy Paul. There's a great park in Natomas though the lack of shade and the presence of many kiddlings who wanted to run across the half pipe while we were skating it were definite draw backs. After we skated we went to see X-Men III. I didn't like the first two so I didn't expect much of this one, but it was quite enjoyable, despite being at Downtown Plaza. I had to tell the kid seated next to me to go take his cell phone call outside! What the hell? Then there was the crying baby whose parents figured they should stay put in the theatre so we could all enjoy their bundle of noise. I love kids, I really do, but I can't stand parents who let their kids drive everyone else crazy.

The last couple of days have been rough. My stomach's acting up in the mornings. My job is pretty understanding of me coming in late. What can they say when you tell 'em, "Sorry I'm late, couldn't stop shitting."? There's just no arguing with that. I missed the reading in SF on Saturday because of my stomach but I felt fine on Sunday so I was really hoping this flare up had passed. Oh well. Speaking of work, I better get to it. Hasta tardes.

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