Sunday, April 16, 2006

Your Mama

Your mother is so fat.
How fat is she?
She is so fat, that her cholesterol is dangerously high and she is at risk of developing diabetes.

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Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Thinking of posting your own Mama joke?
Why bother? I just wrote the end all be all of Mama jokes.

The other Mama jokes can all go on diets, because I shut down the buffet.
The other Mama jokes can finally wear that two piece, because they aint phat no more.
The other Mama jokes are now just Mama observations, some of which are slightly humorous in nature.
The other mama jokes should be called unfunny diarrhea jokes.
The other Mama jokes didn't even breast feed leaving their babies more likely to suffer a number of maladies, Ulcerative Colitis to site just one example.