Friday, April 14, 2006

Vomit Flavored Jelly Beans

My nephew suckered my fiance out of four bucks for vacuuming the living room. The Jelly Belly corporation then suckered my nephew out of four bucks for a little bag of jelly beans. Four Bucks! For jelly beans! Almost as bad as Pokemon charging $15 for a magazine.

I will admit the jelly beans were pretty cool. They were Harry Potter themed and came in the most disgusting flavors incuding vomit, earwax, sardine, booger and spinach. Mixed in with them are tasty flavors like cinamon, toasted marshmallow, sardine, booger and spinach.

Watching him pop a bean in his mouth without looking and then go running to the kitchen to rinse his mouth out with water was hillarious and well worth the four bucks. It's also mighty nice to have the floor vacuumed. I abhor the vacuum, naturally.

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