Friday, April 21, 2006's Greatest Hits

My favorite and the most popular posts-
The links on the right, which take you to my stories, my panhandling blog, etc. are the meat of this site. Go there. (If you don't see the links I mentioned, go HERE!)
But I do put misfit articles here, mixed in with my daily diary type stuff. Here's a guide to my favorite of these posts. Enjoy.

My Videos: Lots, more added all the time.
OR, My YouTube Page: Includes my videos and my favorite videos.

Francois Fly Photoshop Contest: Amazing how much work you can get people to do for a measley $20 prize.

Live Links and North Korea
: Google News and Late Night TV news collide with sexy singles and a low credit card limit. The North Korean missile crisis fits in there somewhere as well, and a talking duck too.

Nascar Drive Thru: A prank that I was swindled into helping with.

Why KLJ Rocks Ass: A silly but quite popular parody of the Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer lists.

Rapture Letters: Just a link to a website I liked, but I wrote them a letter and folks seemed to find it pretty funny.

Footprints In The Sand: Probably the most popular thing I've done.

The Birth of Francois Fly: I'm most proud to host this. Underground comedy legend Francois Fly caught on tape at his first performance EVER!

Atheism: Hit or miss, but a few gems hidden in there.

Bob Newhart Interview: Yup, I interviewed comedy legend Bob Newhart.

Richard Pryor RIP: Saying goodbye to a legend.

Homo: A comedic look at Homophobia.

Porno: I review some pornorific flicks.

Shtick: Some bits from my stage act. Mostly pretty dorky.

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