Friday, April 7, 2006

RetroCrush Favorites

So, as promised, I will do my part in celebrating five years of by listing some of my favorite articles. But first I'll list some done by me! HOMO was an article that Robert was stoked on, but he couldn't get anyone to link it, lest they be the homo. Fetish Glossary was a silly bit of nothing I threw together, and Classic Porn Showcase was awfully fun to research.
My pal Francois Fly got an interview with my comedy hero, The Unknown Comic.

Now the hard part. (I said porn and hard part in the same post. This will get some interesting google results.) It's not easy to pick my favorites amongst the TONS of mediocre crap that Robert puts out there for us to sift through, but here's what I've come up with.

I Was A Black Poet
. DAMN, this is a hillariou prank. And Robert was ballsy to do it. Many who don't know him were bound to yell racist thinking he's making fun of blacks. Of course it would actually be more racist of him to exclude any one race from his scathing satire, yes? He saw a target in the form of this way over the top poetry rag and he shot a bullseye.

No Eyelid Man
. This one had me wishing Robert would do more comics. Then he did, and I learned the meaning of the phrase "Be careful what you wish for."

Robert's insane family and his total lack of shame in exploiting them has given us several great articles, including, A House Scarier Than Ammityville and the beautiful and tender Masterbating Pipecleaner Man.

Welcome Back Otter. How could I not love this one? Robert pays homage to Otter Pops and gives us tons of great photos of my fashion hero best pal Amber Kloss. Be sure to scroll all the way down on this one to see Robert's concern for real life Otters. He amazed (and maybe disappointed) me by writing the whole paragraph with no sarcasm or crass otter humpin' jokes.

It was pretty interesting watching Robert deal with a U.K. Tabloid stealing his writing. The article went out on the wire and suddenly Robert's material is appearing in major papers around the world, credited to someone else!

I decided to focus on Robert's articles, but RetroRandy turns in some awesome retro-celeb interviews and when him and Robert get together to review old home decorating mags, well, they just shouldn't be allowed to play with each other.

There's plenty more to enjoy. Really, you could lose hours perusing the archives and that's before checking out Robert's excellent podcast. Congratulations on five years Here's to five more.

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