Friday, April 14, 2006

Great Skate

I had the most amazing day skating. I did at least three things today that I couldn't do before today. I'm learning really fast. Having the pads and the helmet helps because I'm not afraid to try new things, less afraid of falling on my ass. I'd tell you the new things I did, but I don't know the names of skate moves any more. I had a great time though. I wish I had a ramp in my back yard so I could go skate it all the time. I'd never get anything else done.

I started two new stories. One about a wild adventure me and friend Ryan had when we were teenagers and went to see the Violent Femmes in S.F. and didn't get home for three days. The other is about going on an insane, neverending ride with my friend "Robby" to buy acid in Berkely. All of my most messed up stories involve "Robby". Someday I'll publish "The Robby" chronicles. I use the quotes because it's not his real name. I should have those done in the next day or two. And watch next thursday for my review of The Flaming Lips new album.

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