Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ten Reason's Keith Lowell Jensen Rocks Ass.

1. If Keith Lowell Jensen invented Kung-Fu it'd be called Keith-Fu. Though actually, if Kung-Fu didn't exist yet the Fu part would make no sense, so it'd probably be called Keith's Great Ass Kicking Technique.

2. Guns don't kill Keith Lowell Jensen, existential angst does, or Ulcerative Colitis does, or maybe the drugs that are prescribed to treat the Ulcerative Colitis do it, or maybe a gun after all but only if it gets to him soon, before that other stuff.

3. If Keith Lowell Jensen were a president he'd be Keith-adoor Roosevilt, or maybe John F. Keith-edy, but probably he'd keep his own name, because it's Keith Lowell Jensen, and that rocks.

4. Keith Lowell Jensen isn't the Lizard King, but he CAN do anything, or at least a great number of things, too many in fact to list in one post. He can a) Stand on his head. b) The robot c) Eat soup while watching television d) never mind, too many things to list. I told you.

5. If Keith Lowell Jensen were a rooster he'd say cock-a-doodle-death.

6. Terrorists have never attacked an American City after Keith Lowell Jensen visited it, except for New York and Oklahoma City, but in both cases it was a long time after Keith visited and they couldn't possibly had known he'd been there. The overwhelming majority of cities that Keith has visited have never been attacked by terrorists.

7. Keith Lowell Jensen is so straight that if he had sex with a man he still wouldn't be gay, the other guy would be a woman trapped in a dude's body. No, seriously.

8. The only reason you'd ever beat Keith Lowell Jensen at chess on the internet is if he was distracted by watching 15 second clips of amateur porno and even then you'd better be a fairly decent chess player, or the porn had better be above average porn. And it would be straight porn, because as I've made perfectly clear Keith Lowell Jensen aint gay!

8. Keith Lowell Jensen, who isn't gay, doesn't make mistakes in numbering. If you think he did, you'd better learn a new numbering system, or else just don't worry about it. Dang, it's really not a big deal. Get a life Mr. Mathematician.

9. Keith Lowell Jensen doesn't have to go to ten. He's not gonna let some dumb numbering gag cause him to write an extra joke. In fact he'll use it to cop out of the last joke. Ha ha. (Not Gay!!!)


Jason_Alley said...

#6 is the funniest thing I've heard all day!

KLJ said...

So far everyone has a different favorite. I guess that's a good sign. This is what happens when I have sugar by the way. Woooo hooooooo sugar.

Jason_Alley said...

Ha, the REALLY funny thing is that I realize now that I was ACTUALLY referring to #5!

Anonymous said...

No Jason, #5 is definitely the funniest thing you've heard all day.

KLJ-Glad you explained that you'd been hittin' the sugar. Thought maybe the probiotics had made you bionic or some shit. Damn dude, you funny.

This is Sid by the way. I've had too much wine and I can't remember my damned password. Shit.

KLJ said...

Glad you liked it drunkie. Too much wine? At 6:25pm? Rad.
I guess you're safe. Not much chance of the other mothers from that Catholic school you got Nicolas at perusing my blog and finding out what a lush you are eh? Oh wait, all Catholic mommies are lushes. Never mind. Hey pass me some of that communion wine would you.

KLJ said...

I just thought I should mention again how straight I am.
But if you're lonely and looking for a good time....